Dave Mejias on Gay Marriage

Dave Mejias on Gay Marriage

The main topic of the legalization of gay marriage has become a hot button for that United States since homosexuality became a cultural norm. Although opinions on this highly controversial, and quite often taboo, subject differ greatly, I firmly feel that gay marriage needs to be accepted as a legal and proper institution. If a reporter were to come up to me and have "Dave Mejias, what makes you're thinking that gay marriage should be an acceptable part of society?" I might bring along my personal opinion on why homosexuals deserve a relationship institution which is equal to that of heterosexual couples.

Most people in the United States already are knowledgeable about the opposing arguments towards gay marriage, which are based mostly on biblical scriptures and conservative beliefs. However, gay marriage is a harm to no one, whatever is spouted by habitual homophobes. It's a simple act of love and partnership that's available for men along with a woman; therefore, it almost seems painfully obvious that the same availability should apply to same-sex couples as well. When I would be a boy and was forced to painstakingly practice even the writing of my own name, scribbling down "David Mejias" on every paper eventually became an irritating chore- as this pertains to the institution of marriage, lots of United states of america citizens participate in the act every day. For any percentage of them, that marriage won't survive, and may indeed succumb towards the country's high divorce rate- however, homosexuals in committed relationships are apt to have a more serious view of marriage than their heterosexual counterparts, due to the insufficient its legal availability for them.

Just about the most prevalent arguments against gay marriage will be the concept of a civil union; those who wouldn't need to "tarnish marriage's traditions" often declare that civil unions will be the most fair selection for both sides. However, there are several legal distinctions of marriage a civil union lacks. Gay marriage may be the best way for homosexual couples to get the same federal rights as heterosexual married couples. A lot of the citizens in the usa who believe in progression take presctiption board with supporting the gay marriage stance. As the area of citizen homosexuals has swelled ever since "coming out" has become more culturally acceptable, the west itself continues to be molded to fit that acceptance. Society has progressed, and gay marriage would be the ultimate symbol of its full progression into the modern era of affirmatively equal rights.

Dave Mejias

A number of people might be asking, "What does David Mejias's opinion matter to gay marriage? How come we even pay attention to Dave Mejias?" I suppose these people will have a point, but every individual opinion with this matter is extremely important, and my stance about it is firm. The nation's legalization of gay marriage might have a positive influence on all the United States's citizens, and it would serve a great purpose in the equal rights battle for homosexuals in addition to their supporters.

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